Brooksdale Superfine Merino

Quality Certified, ethically sustainable pure sound superfine Australian wool.


Non-mulesed wool

Why is it important?

We pride ourselves on sustainable production of superfine wool with an emphasis on wool produced under natural pastoral / grazing conditions and with the highest regard to the Environment and the Animal.

The history of Brooksdale

Our Story

Brooksdale is a family run farming business that started around 1872 and now runs 10,000 Ultra/Superfine Merino sheep on 1100 hectares located in between the picturesque ranges of the Grampian mountains in Victoria Valley, Victoria, Australia. It is 14km from Dunkeld, a small country town, 50km from Hamilton, a regional city and 280km from Melbourne, the capital of Victoria.

This region is renowned for its superfine Merino wool.


Award winning non-mulesed wool

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